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Form 8-K
ZOMEDICA PHARMACEUTICALS CORP. filed this Form 8-K on 12/20/2018
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Subdocument 1 - 8-K - FORM 8-K
Page 2 - Item 8.01 Other Events.
Subdocument 2 - EX-99.1 - EXHIBIT 99.1
Page 1 - Exhibit 99.1
Page 2 - Development of Companion Animal Diagnostics
Page 3 - Unmet Medical Needs
Page 4 - Product Pipeline
Page 5 - Diagnostics
Page 6 - Therapeutics
Page 7 - License Agreements
Page 8 - Research and Development
Page 9 - Manufacturing
Page 10 - Competition
Page 11 - General
Page 12 - Other Regulatory Considerations
Page 13 - Employees
Page 14 - N/A
Subdocument 3 - EX-99.2 - EXHIBIT 99.2
Page 1 - Exhibit 99.2
Page 2 - We are substantially dependent on the success of our lead product candidates, and cannot be certain
Page 3 - We face unproven markets for our products candidates.
Page 4 - The commercial potential of our product candidates is difficult to predict. The market for any produ
Page 5 - Our ability to develop, manufacture and commercialize our drug product candidates is dependent on ou
Page 6 - Development of product candidates for use in companion animal health is an inherently expensive, tim
Page 7 - Our strategic partnerships are important to our business. If we are unable to maintain any of these
Page 8 - Under the terms of our partnership arrangements, we are required to make significant milestone and p
Page 9 - We will rely on third parties to conduct certain portions of our development activities. If these th
Page 10 - Even if our product candidates obtain regulatory approval, they may never achieve market acceptance
Page 11 - Pharmaceuticals for companion animals, like human pharmaceuticals, are subject to unanticipated post
Page 12 - If we fail to attract and keep senior management and key scientific personnel, we may be unable to s
Page 13 - We may seek to raise additional funds in the future through debt financing which may impose operatio
Page 14 - Risks Related to Government Regulation
Page 15 - Our ability to market our drug candidates in the United States, if approved, will be limited to use
Page 16 - Some of our products may or may not be covered by a patent. Further if an application is filed, it i
Page 17 - If we are unable to obtain trademark registrations for our products our business could be adversely
Page 18 - Our intellectual property agreements with third parties may be subject to disagreements over contrac
Page 19 - If the Internal Revenue Service determines that we are not a PFIC and you previously paid taxes purs
Page 20 - We will incur significant costs as a result of operating as a U.S. public company, and our managemen
Page 21 - If we sell common shares in future financings, shareholders may experience immediate dilution and, a
Page 22 - An active, liquid and orderly market for our common shares may not develop or be sustained, and you